Saturday, February 14, 2009

His brother

His brother was very cute, pretty and masculine.He invited me into his room."So ya lost, ya wanted to.." XXXXX his bro said you licked his feet. I seen you lookinga t mine you liek that huh" I froze he laid back on his bed, pulled off his sweaty t shirt, and said, "untie my kicks"

I went to the foot of his bed and to his feet. he wore nike shox, i untied them carefully. He said pull off my left one. I did, you wanna sniff it. my feet smeel really sweaty, ya may not wanna. ...go on try it. I placed his sneaker toward my face i could feel teh heat from th inside as i brought it to my face , I inhaled and his aroma wnetered my nose and lung. my cock started to grow.

Try the other one.i slid off his sneakers and his satined sweaty sock stuck to his feet. i inhaled his sneakers and lowered it.
taste ok? i didnt taste it i replied. he sat up grabbed his sneaker opened it and held ip. "go on." i was ordered. i put my face forward as he pushed his sneaker into my face and licked the sole.

Try my socks. i statred to shake. omg his feet looked so hot in the clingling soaked sweat socks. He rased his foot and pressed it into my face. "Sniff it slave" i did. he puled backa nd said you like it dont u.. my face was still wet on teh right side from his sweaty socks. he brought up both feet and pressed the wet socks into my face.sniff em. now lick em. I obeyed.
he laid back. take em off my feet. I started to pull down his socks when he sad 'WITH YOUR TEETH"

I bent over the end of his bed and ulled off each sck with my teeth. His feet were sweaty hot and socked from sweat. they were pink with some rough edges and sour smelling.
he sat and said put ur head back and open your mouth. I did.

He grabbed his socks, twised them hard wringing out sweat which dripped in my mouth. sour salt drops of by foot sweat dripped n my mouth.

he laughed laid back and said . ok, lick em clean. i obeyed. His heels were rough on teh edges and took a lot of my spit to moisten. his soles were sour, pungent and thick, his arches by contrast were so soft, and salty i took my time slowing licking, pulling my tongue up the long high archway.

his toes clearly werent hs attention when bathing. I sucked them until they sparkled. when i looked up i saw he dropped down his shorts and his jock was showing. actually he was showing through his jock.. when i leane dback he licke doff his shorts .Pull em off he said and i slowly took down his jock. his boy meat flapped aroundas it revealed .

lick my sack i was told .i did, it was salty and sweaty. i took it entirely in my mouth. me moaned and stroked abit

dude suck me off. i took my mouth away from his now tight sack and led my tongue up his shaft.His rod was slonder like his brothers but he revealed a huge mushroom head. I licke dthe sides and watching him throbb. i went to teh side of teh bed and sucke don his head. It was salty, sweat dirty. claerly he didnt bathe today. i deep thorated him a bit then he grabbed my head and fucked my face, wait i was told
he pushed me up and sat on the end of the bed. Go to it i was told
he thrust me up and down on his cock . i felt him get harder and his head become a rock. he thruct me down on his cock, and i felt a huge exlosion of wet stick boy juice down my throat. I was stuck all teh way down his shaft.he pumped up forcing evry centimeter of hsi flesh in me as he blew each load. he pulled me back, still cumming filling my thorat alomst dorwning me. pumosing mid shaft a few lore load emptied as i let his goo slide down my throat.

he pulled me off and stroked a bit. 2 more shots went on my face which he wiped off my cheeks and pushed in my mouth.

clean it. i bent forward and sucked the last drops.

he laid back and i sat there a few mins. Lick my sack some he ya wanna small my feet for a few mins before sucking me again? he asked.
I went down and started cleaning hsi toes all over again.

This would end up being a 3 x a week minimum meeting, with or without his bro. later he brought a few friends..

Hot meeting with neighborhood brothers

FINALLY, the 2 brothers a few doors away came over after running practice. We played got sweaty and the loser had "to do anything the winners said". I said " not even massage your sweaty feet?" YES lol they laughed, yeah but I wont lick them or anything.."yes you will if you lose" i was instructed. and "if YOU lose?", i asked :"you name it. maybe well let you massage us lol" I said if i win you massage me. ugh, oooh, "well YOU wont win i was told" as if they already knew. well guess who lost?

the 17 year old is in my class, his 15 yr old brother isnt. so first the 17 yr old took me aside and said "hmm what do you wanna do" i said ill give u a massage" he said ok. both are runners , nice bods, so i massaged him, and he was in his shorts. when i peeled off his wet sweaty socks i saw his lean high arched feet. The sweet-sweaty slighty sour smell filled the room. i had to hid emy hard on. i starte dto massage the padded msucles and his wet soft feet. mmmm he remarked.

Hey you have to lick them you lost.. Are you serious i said? Yeah, we would have had to, so you have to. I bend on my knees and took his toe in my mouth ans. It was salty sweaat. ugh yeah he said. i licke dhis heel, , it was slghtly dirty but mostly sweaty, his huge arch was sweet and when i got between his toes they were slighly gritty, amber in color and smell and i could see his HUGE bulge. he tried to rub it w the sid eof his arm. the more i licked between hsi toes, the harder and more excited he got. his left foor was even more sensitive and he writhed with pleasure.

Dude you gotta finish me off, thats part of it. I said ok, not sure exactly what he meant. he pulled down his shorts and his hard arched cock flapped up. it was slender but LONG, the red tip was wet and dripping. Do it.
Did he want and hand job or do i go for it and suck him. omg, thsi is a dare..but they dont know i like this stuff. so i started to jerk him, and he said oh yeah do it. so i leane dover and placed his long throbbing rod in my wet anxious nouth. He immediately started to fuck my throat,, after a few pumps he pushed my head down hard and pressed up. He moaned and i felt hot bursts of cum down my throat..It felt hot as it burned down my chest.. He shot at least 8 huge loads directly down my throat. he jumped up and said ok XXXXX , his brotherm is next .